Welcome to AutiComm

An emergent peer-to-peer community of autistic folks.

What is AutiComm?

Quite simply, it's an emergent peer-to-peer community of autistic folks. 

It's a space by autistics for autistics - to chat about interests, poke the hive mind for advice, collaborate on projects, and who even knows what other fantastical undertakings this space will launch.

Join to discover you're not alone.
Stay to learn how powerful you really are.

Who is AutiComm for?

This space is for autistic adults age 18 and older with early-, late-, professional- or self-diagnosis.

Who is AutiComm not for?

This is not a space for non-autistic folks - including non-autistic parents, friends, family, professionals, etc. Please access other resources.

This is also not a space for autistic folks under the age of 18. This is mostly due to my under-qualification to facilitate such a space. Please access other resources - until further notice. ;]

Who hosts AutiComm?

This space was founded and is presently hosted by Tango Fae Batelli. Questions? Email her at [email protected]